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Who are the Digital Nomads?

From copywriters to software developers, people with online-based jobs are embracing the chance to take their work on travels. With a WiFi-connected laptop or smartphone, people can work from anywhere in the world. The use of modern technology increasingly enables people to become ‘digital nomads’. A digital nomad is a remote and location-independent worker who uses information and communication technology (ICT) to perform their job.

Although most telecommuters and freelancers are in a way digital nomads, the term is usually used to describe people who are living or traveling abroad while working. A digital nomad telecommunicates making use of ICTs like content management software, cheap Internet access through WiFi, smartphones, or Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP). It sounds similar to what most of us have experienced in the past months. So why not fully embrace the ‘digital nomadic lifestyle’ and work remotely from your favorite place?

As a Digital Nomad, you will continuously learn from the places you travel to

They can be found working everywhere and anytime: in coffee shops in Spain, libraries in the USA, beach huts in Thailand, or co-working spaces in New Zealand. This also means that a digital nomad will learn as long as they live from different cultures. By seeing incredible places and meeting new people, digital nomads have the greatest opportunity to be more intercultural competent and to have a multiperspective of life. In this way, you will be able to learn new languages and experience different cultural environments which, ultimately, might show you the place where you belong.

You will become more adaptable

The flexibility to live where you want comes with newly acquired skills such as adaptability. Constantly traveling will push you out of your comfort zone, as people like to call it. Having to continuously adapt to new environments, your brain will have a sharper reaction to change. Traveling increases the brain’s attentiveness during new challenging situations which will strengthen your ability to learn new skills.

Being a Digital Nomad will enhance your creativity

Whether your job requires creativity or not, digital nomads connect seemingly unrelated concepts to form a new creative idea. Neuroscientists call it ‘synaptic play’. Working from different locations gives you a lot of diverse experiences that will push forward these creative connections. Especially, when your brain is full of diverse inputs, your ideas can be much more inventive.

You will be more independent and individualistic

Having to set your own schedule and take breaks when you want will help you improve your time-management and organizational skills. You will depend on your own set standards, limits, goals, and location – complete freedom. It sounds great, right? But being independent comes with full responsibility and self-sufficiency. Hence, you will be in a continuous improvement, and the only person that will tell you what and how to complete your task will be you! 

Being more independent will make you more productive

Especially when you are in a new place, there is no time to waste when you can visit breathtaking places almost every day. Exploring new surroundings will motivate you to get to your work as soon as possible – adventure is the best motivation. As more organizations have encouraged their employees to work remotely, a lot of workers have embraced a digital nomadic lifestyle. They find their productivity outside the environment of office politics, by creating self-taught standards. 

Whether you want to become a blogger, YouTuber, marketing specialist, or software developer, being a digital nomad is increasingly accessible thanks to ICTs. After weighing up all the benefits and downsides, challenge and find yourself by trying a digital nomadic lifestyle!

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