The workshop on composable NFTs was a collaboration with the Tech Consulting Group association featuring the start-up Kryha. The workshop aimed to deepen our understanding of how NFTs can be broken down into smaller, interchangeable parts to create entirely new NFTs and their possible implications within a series of industries. We were so excited to have the co-founder of the company, Tobias Disse together with Flore Krajenbrink, marketing specialist, and Paulo Bos, business designer, explain to us what exactly composable NFTs are, how they work and how various industries are taking into consideration possible applications of this technology. The speakers then prepared six cases, each based on a different industry for us to implement what we had just learned about composable NFTs and use our creativity to think of ways this technology could be utilized. This for example within the supply chain. Imagine the possibility to have a digital passport for each product, composed of different NFTs all representing a specific material and/or step within the supply chain. Isn’t it amazing?!

Kryha then followed by offering drinks to students at the Smitze! It was one of the best ways to conclude another successful event with an amazing company and speakers.