This event was composed of a set of workshops with Microsoft. We repeatedly noticed the doubts and insecurities that business students had when trying to enter the tech industry. As a business student with a tech passion, it is hard to demonstrate to major tech companies like Google that I have what it takes to succeed without a proper diploma in computer science.  This was the aim of those two workshops with Microsoft. Together with the Tech Consulting Group association, we wanted to demonstrate to students that we can succeed in tech with a business background and give some tips and tricks.

In the first workshop, five people from Microsoft joined us, ranging from managers to interns in various departments. The workshop started with an introduction of the speakers and their personal and academic journey that got them where they are now. We then followed with a Q&A session where students were able to ask any type of question. In the end, the speakers exchanged their LinkedIn contacts so that we could reach them with any additional questions or concerns in the future.

The second workshop focused instead on some tips and tricks. We learned the importance of personal branding, not only in person but through platforms such as LinkedIn. Did you know that having an about section largely increases the chances of your profile being noticed by big firms’ recruiters? If you still do not have an about section of LinkedIn telling people who you are and what are you passionate about what are you waiting for? Go fill it out now!