For this year we wanted to organize a unique event for you. Throughout these years you have seen various events not only organized by us but also by other associations on campus.

We thought, what could people be interested in? What could leave a sign in this academic year? What about technologies that are enabling society to live better and longer! Think about it…

On the 26th of May starting from 14.00, we are excited to host an incredible event filled with major companies expert in the sectors of health, agriculture and automation like Edgar Van Zoelen, global practitioner digital transformation and data analytics at Philips. Each speaker will give insights into which technologies are going to shape the future of the industry and what impact it is going to have on society as a whole.

Furthermore, you will never be ready for it…We will have a surprise speaker present a business case for you to participate in and win our top-secret giveaway! Are you still not convinced?

Well, let me tell you one last thing. Free drinks for the first 100 participants at the end of the event to give you the possibility to talk face-to-face with our remarkable speakers.

Are you ready for the future? What are you waiting for, follow our socials to keep updated and be ready to sign up to secure your place at the event. We can’t wait to have you there!