Get to know us!


Hi, I’m Nils! Nice to meet you. If you’d like to know more about the role of President or a board year in general, definitely don’t hesitate to contact me at, send me a text on +31681021800, or reach me on LinkedIn.

Why did you apply for a board year, and why did you apply for president?

I applied for a board year at Erasmus Tech Community for several reasons. Firstly, I think the community and the people in ETC are dynamic, creative and very ambitious. I found it a unique opportunity to work with people who want who are as ambitious as I am, who think out-of-the-box, and dare to strive for unattainable goals. Secondly, I found the opportunities the organization offers very fitting to my personal goals. Because ETC is such a young organization, the things you want to build and do in your board year are entirely up to you and the team. As part of ETC we don’t follow the paths our predecessors have taken; we set out our own paths. While this entrepreneurial spirit is something that resonates with me personally, one of my main reasons for applying was to develop this spirit further. Lastly, I wanted to meet many like-minded people; individuals that are passionate about technology and innovation, that want to broaden their perspectives, and that are on a continuous learning journey. 

I applied specifically for president because I wanted to learn how to put strategic and visionary thinking into practice; something that is especially possible within an entrepreneurial organisation as ETC. Moreover, I wanted to become more experienced in leading (large) teams of people – in my case being the board and the team working towards Erasmus Tech Days & Summit. 

Did your expectations match reality, and what did you actually learn?

To be fair, I could have hardly imagined how much I would get out of this experience. I am very grateful for the extremely capable team of board members around me; as a team, we have exceeded many of my personal expectations in terms of what I thought to be possible at the start of this year. In this year I have learned to manage expectations, to delegate tasks and broader responsibilities, to motivate people towards common goals and to put strategic goals to action. I couldn’t have wished for more – and I didn’t even wish for most of this!

What is your most memorable experience of the board year?

When I look back to what we have organized, I am extremely proud to have organized Erasmus DataCon where we hosted the European Vice President of Twitter (Bruce Daisley) and brought together over 500 inquisitive minds to talk about data privacy and security! On a more personal level, I truly cherish the introduction weekend I had with my fellow board members. A few days of intense bonding, strategic planning and lots of fun!

Director of Business Development

Hey, my name is Kamilla. If you’d like to know more about the Director of Business Development role, don’t hesitate to contact me at, send me a text on +31619517149 or via LinkedIn.

Before joining Erasmus Tech Community, I was burdened with concerns regarding my ability to maneuver in a world where technology, artificial intelligence, and robotics are becoming more relevant in the core of “everything”. ETC is more like a paradigm that made me, today,  full of confidence when talking about big data, AI, and even the hot topic of privacy and security.

On the aspect of my interpersonal skills; ETC granted me the possibility, training, and real life experience in speaker acquisition, conducting meetings, conversing with pioneers from prominent industries, and even hosting events!

In a nutshell, my journey with ETC had its ups and downs, it had few disappointments and countless moments of pride. I realized that an event’s core is the human knowledge, and the main asset is the human capital. The person delivering the message (the speaker), not the company’s brand name or the topic, is what makes the true difference.

ETC gave me the platform to expand my network and talk to people, to identify who could add what to our process of development, and who could be a suitable caliber for mentorship and motivation. 

ETC is a journey of learning, achievements, self-development, and most importantly, lots of fun!

Director of Events

Hi there! My name is Emils, this year’s Director of Events. If you’d like to know more about my role, definitely don’t hesitate to contact me at, send me a text on +37127450535 or message me on LinkedIn.

Getting involved with ETC has definitely been the best learning experience I have had in my 2 years of university. One of the coolest things in ETC is the entrepreneurial environment around you. There are no limitations on what you want to create with an event, and you have all the freedom to come up with even the craziest ideas. Afterwards it’s only about whether you yourself can bring that to reality. The start-up spirit that lives with ETC comes with its uncertainty, but there is no better way to learn how to navigate yourself in it, other than jumping in and working your way through. Uncertainty is a constant in the business world, so you definitely want to learn your way in it as soon as possible!

Besides learning, there are also networking perks. We know that tech is among the largest industries today and potentially the largest one of the future. What better way to network with the leading people in the European tech scene than through ETC and showcasing these people the amazing events your organization is capable of? They will be impressed. And in your LinkedIn.

Data & Finance Officer

Hi, I’m Youri! Glad you’re interested. If you’d like to know more about the Finance & Data Officer role, just send me an email at or text me on +31637397721, or via LinkedIn!

There isn’t another organization that organizes such a varied and exciting selection of technology focused events on campus. To be a part of such a young organization means you will have a greater impact on the vision and direction of the organization than in other student led associations. ETC can also help expand your connections in the tech industry. We often host events together with companies such as Microsoft, Google, and IBM amongst many others. But even if you forget all that ETC still has so much to offer. The scale of the events that ETC manages to pull off in itself is amazing. It’s not everyday that such a young student organization sells more than 1200 tickets for one event and brings the VP of Twitter to campus. 

  • A lot of personal development, such as teamwork, leadership, strategic thinking, problem solving or time management, + other role-specific personal development
  • Connect with hundreds of other tech enthusiasts. Network with students as well as with industry leading companies
  • Be part of an organization where you can really make an impact

Marketing Director

Hey! I’m Magdalena, this year’s Marketing Director. If you are interested in my position and you want to have a chat, just reach out to me at or text me on +359876848440, or reach me on LinkedIn

It is incredible to look back and realize how much I have learned for the few months I’ve been part of Erasmus Tech Community! My initial goal was to apply marketing strategy knowledge and work on a variety of marketing campaigns, but I ended up experiencing a whole lot more. ETC is a dynamic environment full of inspiring minds. You get to develop yourself by learning new skills from the people around you while also mastering your existing knowledge. You get to work with big companies, as well as innovative start-ups; attend amazing events and workshops, which all give you a good understanding of the future and what your place in it could be.

ETC puts you in a strategic position of finding out what you are truly passionate about and pushes you to do more than you think you can do. The learning curve for me was steep and I am beyond happy where it got me. It is a challenge worth going through, what you will get out of it will be valuable not just for your professional advancement, it will flourish you as a person.