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The coolest board year you can imagine.

Why a board year?

A board year is a great opportunity to build your network, grow as an individual, develop leadership skills, expand your network, and build friendships for life!

When you become part of the ETC board, you and your fellow board members have the responsibility of growing the organization. Are you up for the challenge?

Why ETC?

So you are up for the challenge of board year? Awesome. If you want to develop yourself MORE than you can imagine - look no further. When ETC started four years ago, the founders had the vision to educate students about the technologies that will shape tomorrow. How? They had a get-shit-done attitude.

Since then, we have strongly clung onto this mentality and drive. From James Whittaker (Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft US) and Bruce Daisley (European VP of Twitter) to Bryan Cosgrove (Director of Music & Licensing at TikTok), ETC events are designed to learn from the best in their field.

Are you up for sharing your ambitions, living your passion, incubating your ideas, and building a legacy with your fellow board members?

This is what we can offer you:

  • Opportunity to develop yourself beyond your imagination
  • Freedom to start up new projects, initiatives and ideas
  • Help grow the largest tech-focused student association in the Benelux
  • Get involved in our “get shit done” vibe
  • Join a community of uniquely talented individuals
  • Network of some of the most awesome minds in tech

This is what you can offer us:

  • Interested in technology
  • Have a “get shit done” attitude
  • Ambitious and able to see the bigger picture
  • Eager to learn and develop yourself
  • Proactive and willing to take initiative
  • Excellent at problem solving and able to deal with difficulties
  • Available for the 2021/2022 academic year for ~ 25 h/week

Available positions


Let’s see if we match:

  • You have a vision and want to build toward the long-term strategy of ETC
  • You want to represent ETC and be the face of the association
  • You know how to lead a team 
  • You know how to motivate people and you are a true team player

What will you do?

  • Lead the board, run the meetings, and make sure everyone is on track to reach the overall goals
  • Work on the vision and long-term strategy of ETC
  • Be in charge of the Erasmus Tech Days & Summit – the biggest tech event on campus!
  • And to be fair… that’s just the tip of the iceberg! 

Vice President

This is you:

  • You love social interaction and know how to build meaningful relationships
  • You want to build an awesome community vibe! 
  • You have lots of energy and devotion

What will you do:

  • Create a strategy for building and sustaining the ETC community
  • Keep the energy high – organize social events for our active members
  • Work on public relations, e.g. sustaining and building relationships with other study associations and the university
  • Ensure that the association is running smoothly by keeping track of the board meetings and making sure ETC’s administration is structured

Director of Operations & Innovation

Let’s see if we match:

  • You love to stay updated on recent tech trends and developments
  • You are structured, organized, and have great attention to detail
  • You like to have an overview of things
  • You are eager to plan educational events to offer hands-on knowledge to the community

This is what ETC next year looks like for YOU:

  • You identify aspiring technological areas to inform about upcoming trends
  • You organize educational events, such as workshops or summer/winter schools about innovative topics that enable participants to gain hands-on skills
  • You have final responsibility for all the event logistics and organizational aspects of all our events and make sure everything runs smoothly
  • You make sure our events have a cool vibe and atmosphere

Finance & Data Officer

This is you:

  • You are organized and meticulous regarding finances
  • You are passionate about data and the many opportunities it offers
  • You are practical, and think in a clear and structured way

This is what ETC will look like for YOU:

  • Create the budgets for ETC’s events to spread our resources properly
  • Manage invoices, expenditures, taxes and other records
  • Work with Business Development to secure funding for ETC events
  • Collect lots of data through our social media and events
  • Process and analyse this data and work on actionable insights

Marketing Director (x2)

This year, we are recruiting for two separate Marketing Director positions.

Strategy & Data Analytics: 

  • You have a strategic mindset and always think a few steps ahead
  • You want to apply data and audience insights to our social channels
  • You are eager to manage various media channels
  • Numbers and data make you feel excited
  • You are analytical and also have a feel for creativity

As a Marketing Director – Strategy & Data Analytics, you will:

  • Create the marketing strategy for all our events
  • Establish the online marketing strategy for ETC’s social channels
  • Use data management tools and platforms to gain specific insights
  • Build target groups through data and audience insights

Creativity & Innovation: 

  • You are passionate about the latest emerging marketing tools and trends
  • Fresh and new design makes you tick
  • You love to write inspiring and meaningful messages and posts
  • You are creative and have great attention to detail
  • You want to realize your artistic vision

As a Marketing Director – Creativity & Innovation, you will:

  • Create the brand image for all our events
  • Administer ETC’s social and online marketing channels
  • Build and work toward meaningful content by creating new and fresh designs as well as writing exhilarating and purposeful posts on our socials
  • Sustain the brand image of ETC

Director of Business Development (x2)

This year, we are recruiting two Directors of Business Development.

This is you:

  • You love social interaction and are easily approachable
  • You possess lots of positive energy and are open-minded
  • You are good at networking
  • You never give up, even if things don’t initially go your way
  • You are determined to get the coolest companies and speakers for our events!

Depending on your position, your focus may be more centred on acquiring speakers for ETC events or securing and managing partnerships.

One of the Business Developers will also have the responsibility of being involved with Erasmus Tech Consulting, our consulting branch.

Overall, you + ETC next year =

  • Acquire speakers for our events
  • Create long- and short-term partnerships with big companies, start-ups & scale-ups
  • Network and attend (inter)national conferences
  • Secure funding and sponsorships for ETC’s events
  • Present ETC’s brand and vision to companies, start-ups and scale ups!
  • Find ways to establish and maintain strong relationships with industry leaders
  • Coordinate with Erasmus Tech Consulting

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for a board position?

Being an ETC member is not a requirement. All EUR students excited about tech are welcome to apply!

Do I need to know how to code or have any other tech-related capabilities to be accepted?

We do not ask for any particular skill-sets, and being a data engineer is absolutely not a requirement. Take what you have and apply it to your role within ETC! Any skills are good skills when you can explain how they can contribute to your role in ETC and building our community.

On that note: all of this year’s board members are business and economics students with a passion for tech and eagerness to learn. That’s it.

What does the recruitment entail?

Almost the standard rounds you’re used to. First fill out the Typeform and upload your CV – no motivation letters required.The selected candidates move on to the second round where we conduct video interviews. For the final round, we will conduct another round of video interviews with the final candidates in order to pick a team with the most fitting skills/personality-mix. All the communication will be done by email and phone.

How much time in my week will a board position take?

It really depends on the amount and size of the events you will be willing to organize with the team. On average you should expect to spend around 25h/week doing your part. Do not worry about balancing your studies with ETC – even though ~25h seems daunting, you’ll get used to managing it next to your studies. We do not recommend that you take on additional (board) positions next to ETC. As mentioned before; if you are looking to truly develop yourself, learn more about tech, and expand your network big time… this is the place to be! No side-hustles needed.

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